Startup Factory Teams Are Busy Creating Products of the Future

Applications for the Startup Factory pre-acceleration program’s fourth cycle were open from July 1 until September 15, 2019.

Who could apply? Teams and startups younger than 12 months that are developing high-tech solutions and consist of 3 to 5 (at least 18-year-old) members with complementary skills.

Startup Factory provides intensive education, top mentors, ZICER’s infrastructure, promotional support, and networking. The best teams receive no equity financial support from a fund worth HRK 1.000.000,00 and ZICER’s continued support.


arrow icon All innovative and disruptive solutions are eligible. Main recommended areas of innovation:
Health and Quality of Life Health and Quality of Life
Energy and Environmental Sustainability Energy and Environmental Sustainability
Transportation and Mobility Transportation and Mobility
Safety Safety
Food and Bioeconomics Food and Bioeconomics
Education Education
Robotics Robotics
Fintech Fintech
Tourism Tourism
Data/AI Data/AI

Program 2019

SEP 16 - SEP 20
OCT 14 - NOV 26
Pre-acceleration Program’s 8 Modules

Teams 2019


The aim of the project is to create a scientific instrument research system, called A-SAP, which will be able to recognize, with high precision, and in real time all relevant hail characteristics (grain count, dimensions, kinetic energy, etc.), be resistant to extreme weather conditions and robust for years of work with minimal maintenance.

ArboSMART Technologies

ArboSmart Cloud is a web-based system for smart green infrastructure management. It is intended for all decision-makers and professionals (urban foresters). It enables smart maintenance of existing urban greenery, planning new ones, monitoring budgets, reporting and many other functionalities. The system was developed in collaboration with the world's leading experts in urban forestry.


EKONO is a chatbot application that enables users to learn more about personal finances and keep track of their expenses, save money, and manage finances more easily. Thanks to AI mechanisms, the chat robot answers questions related to expenses and cost distribution, but it also acts proactively, consulting on savings, new services, etc. The Chatbot is a fun collocutor with whom you can chat in Croatian, and his daily quizzes help users develop financial literacy.


Our project is called GuideB. GuideB is a bike guide. The bike itself creates routes (historical, adventure, exploratory,nature-depending on the cyclist's preferences and capabilities, and also on the battery status, time of day, weather), communicates with the cyclist, gives all information about some places or locations, e.g. tells all the history of a location. The bike has a range of 100 km, weighs only 18 kg and achieves speeds of up to 35 km / h on the engine alone.


System for financial planning and reporting for mid-size companies offering intuitive one-screen interface, drag&drop integration, and AI-based automatic planning. Farseer is an intelligent next-gen platform guaranteeing time savings and improving accuracy for planning, and near-live financial results and cash flow reporting.


FloorNap is a first platform for low budget accommodation within 15 euros per person. Embracing the “floor sleeping culture” (in sleeping bags) we enable more affordable accommodation with a better location. We promote 3 values: economical - low budget accommodation; social - promoting traveler/renter hangout; ecological - “without a sheets” is the ecological way of travelling. We are guided by the principle of “seeing and experiencing more for as little money as possible” which rules the young travelers.

Hero Factory

Small companies in Croatia and all over the world have a hard time getting new clients. They dream about good-quality marketing, but they lack money and knowledge for most of the solutions, as well as the time for complicated courses. This team want to help them through Hero Factory, learning platform for managing online marketing of small companies. Like your own little assistant for digital marketing, it sets actionable expert steps every day (for actions like a Facebook post) with quick lessons on how do it. This means that, in just a few fun minutes, people can do all their daily marketing activities needed to get more sales opportunities.


Hypergola represents inovative solution in field of montage – demontage covered spaces and solves everyday problem of creating weather proof space in a unique way. Pergola by its definition creates useful space, but what if You took this simple and basic construction and upgrade it with adittional features. Features that not only protect You from weather conditions but also enables You to create added value - energy?


LafTonic ShowPitcher helps independent producers sell their TV shows to major TV networks who increasingly care less about creativity and more about audience targeting. It provide a (pre)production audience research software with our own market prediction algorithms and respondent base. ShowPitcher answers all key questions TV buyers ask, while enabling producers to optimize their scores through use of emotion recognition tools, respondent personality profiles and specialized feedback surveys.

Mundus Education System

Mundus is a project that has a goal of bringing technology closer to formal education with the use of hardware and software products. We think that primary formal education is really important for further education, but also for life and that's why we want to present it in a fun, interesting and engaging manner.


NUOTWO is a panel that is to be mounted on the indoor side of existing or future buildings' walls. It filters the surrounding air, absorbing CO2 and CH4 microbiologically. Thus, CO2 and CH4 emissions are lowered, meaning less carbon taxes. O2 is released during the CO2 absorption, which means less HVAC costs. the byproduct of CO2/CH4 absorption is a polivalent biomass that is marketable in several ways: food supplement, stock food, fuel, biodiesel basis etc.


Our product is a high tech free kick training device for football. We want to bring advanced technology into sports so we can further improve the efficiency of the training process. Probot is completely customizable free kick wall which can be controlled through the mobile app. It has an integrated camera with computer vision so it can bring the Probot to life to simulate real life conditions and jump like on a real football match.


The ReCorr QCQ (Quantitative Coating Quality) device is used for laboratory and field measurements of the impedance of protective coatings on metals. The device is user friendly and the results are easily interpreted by applying a reference scale that relates the impedance and quality of the coating. Unlike the usual visual inspection of coating damage, ReCorr QCQ offers the possibility of evaluating the quality of new and old but still undamaged coatings. The device is unique in the market, with countless potential users worldwide.


Seatonomous is R&D team of young engineers with a mission to bring intelligent control systems to lakes and seas. The team is simultaneously working on two projects – producing prototype of small RC vessel for sport fish feeding (private purposes) and developing larger autonomous modular vessel with many possible applications. First two developed modules will be module for fish-feeding on commercial fish farms far from the coast and module for gathering of the floating trash in river channels.


For many years we are helping companies improve their business processes and information management. Our business experience helped us in designing software solution for sports club’s management. On this mission, we are working together with experienced advisors in football operations who have been working in Croatian National Football Team, Dinamo, Legia Warsaw and other international clubs. Our focus is on management of sports academies as well as on smart management and training prediction.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis - Intelligent Aeroponic IoT Urban Garden - Urban Oasis, a young enthusiasts’ project, whose goal is to bring green, aeroponic and healthy food source system to its consumer. It raises life quality and interior design to high-class level while greenhouse gasses are reduced. The core of the device is modern design, IoT networks, an aeroponic way of growing plant species, advanced software solutions and a passion for natural, healthy food and plants.


Valut is a mobile app that can be used by tourists to exchange money, top-up balance and withdraw local cash at our agent's locations. It is solving the problem of being robbed on currency exchange fees by airport exchange offices and ATMs when you arrive in a foreign country.

Petar Reić

Startup Factory propelled us toward receiving our first major investment which made further development and internationalization possible.

Petar Reić

founder, OmoLab
Ivan Pelivan

The programme is absolutely worth the effort. It teaches you how to run your (future) business and gets you in shape for Zagreb Connect. 160.000,00 HRK that we received helped us complete the job for our first client, optimize our solution and perform further testing.

Ivan Pelivan

co-founder, Stratowave Connect
Dragana Lipovac

The intensity of the program helped me focus. I was committed to creating HUBBIG and it paid off.

Dragana Lipovac

founder, HUBBIG
Hrvoje Horvat

Startup Factory gave us a chance to become part of the startup community – a community in every sense of the word. Everyone here is willing to work together and help each other. I think that is what brings me the most joy. To stumble upon that kind of togetherness in today’s world is priceless.

Hrvoje Horvat

co-founder, SightRun
Kata Barišić

Startup Factory is designed to help entrepreneurs who are entering the startup world. This is where we’ve received every possible kind of support, including finances, mentoring and friendship. The program exceeded all my expectations - I give it a 10!

Kata Barišić

co-founder, Zagreb Time Travel
Marko Jukić

As an excellent initiative by the City of Zagreb, Startup Factory addresses early-stage startup needs. By providing financial and mentoring support, this program makes a difference and enables quick growth – from prototype to functional business. As Startup Factory pilot cycle participants, we have received many benefits through the network of contacts and mentors as well as financial support for further development of Vollo.

Marko Jukić

co-founder, Vollo
Sandra Bortek

No one says it was easy but, with new friends and mentors’ support, the goal quickly started to seem closer. It is not very often that one finds a place where valuable advice is both freely given and received.

Sandra Bortek

co-founder, SightRun
Zoran Mičuda

Startup Factory team has people who can help any startup turn its ideas into reality.

Zoran Mičuda

co-founder, Holy

Past Winners


Hero Factory
Mundus Education System


Zebra Cross




Zagreb Time Travel

Coordination Team

Frane Šesnić, Startup Factory Initiator & ZICER CEO
Frane Šesnić

Startup Factory Initiator & ZICER CEO

Željana Barišić, Program Coordinator
Željana Barišić

Program Coordinator

Milica Projić, Program Coordinator
Milica Projić

Program Coordinator

Ivana Rajković Pavlić, Program Coordinator - Public Relations
Ivana Rajković Pavlić

Program Coordinator - Public Relations

Ana Vlahov, Program Coordinator
Ana Vlahov

Program Coordinator


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Startup conference

Zagreb | November 27, 2019


Startup Factory Finals took place at Zagreb Connect – the most prominent startup conference in Croatia. At the event, 17 Startup Factory teams pitched for a total of 1.000.000,00 HRK.

The grand winner - NUOTWO - received HRK 200.000,00 while A-SAP, Hero Factory, Laftonic, Mundus Education System and RecorrQCQ took home HRK 160.000,00 each.

Zagreb Connect is a startup conference that aims to help young entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, advance Zagreb’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and create more favorable conditions for startups based in Zagreb and beyond.

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